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A group of young parents whose children schooled together. Recurrent play-days and constant visits to the Zoo led to discussions of how to stay united for a longer period of time. Over strategic meetings at the parks and popcorn breaks at the cinemas these parents thought, how could they bind themselves together to stay in touch, inculcate good values in their families and make a difference to the Society. 

The birth of Rotary Club of Bombay Bayview (RCBB) was celebrated with great splendor and enthusiasm. ‘The group’ was now officially christened and they had legitimized their friendship. With 30 members averaging the age of 35, RCBB was the envy of the district for its young blood. Bayviewites, in turn, greedily lapped all the glamour and recognition that came their way. After all, they had it all going for them, hadn’t they? 

Circa, 2012. 11 Years of Bayview. We have  won the Rotary International Presidential Award (2011-12) for being among the top 3 clubs in the World, we are now at a membership of over 95. Our average age today stands in the 40's. 

We are energetic and young professionals with a calling for Community Service along with a zeal to celebrate life with friends.


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