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This is a unique year.

Where, we have opportunities …in Diversity. 

It has opened doors to opportunities for us, to bring excellence in our lives through service.  

Everyone wants to return to normalcy, but in Rotary… this is the time for change. It is the time to recommit.. and rededicate ourselves,  to the various goals of Rotary.  

Covid-19, has in some ways changed the "traditional' Club Experience for our members, but it has not changed our united passion, for building relationships and improving lives… in communities, both near and far. 

These are times to come together virtually, to join hands and help each other. These are times to build bridges, nurture the bonds amongst us, and leave no stone unturned… in discharging our services towards the society. 

My vision for this year, is to focus is on Actions towards Assimilating,  Communicating,  Connecting and Collaborating.

We would like to increase our impact , expand our reach, enhance participant engagement and increase our ability to adapt. 

Friends, it is only a matter of time, when medical science will have a solution to this pandemic. But the after effects of this are going to last for few years to come. 

The world has never needed us more than it needs now. These are times of opportunity for us Rotarians, To increase our impact with the service we plan to do this year.

Keeping in mind that 20-21, may require a lot of support to deal with the crisis created by COVID-19.. overall upliftment of the society, and mankind as a whole is the need of the hour. 

We plan to continue all our long term projects, and we would also be adding new projects this year which will involve Rotary Focus areas of Education, medicine, water, building economies and environment. 

In these times when we are not meeting enough, it is very important to communicate , stay connected amongst us and to expand our reach, to people who we would have otherwise met in the unlockdown world. 

So a few initiatives in that direction are, We plan to revive and upgrade our very own bayview connect app. My Weekly updates will not let you forget that you are a proud Bayviewite. Our monthly Bayview Batmia , will have all directors update you on the news. Our Monthly newsletter Bayview Times will keep all of you updated on the chatpati bayview news, blogs by our very own members.  

New  initiatives which are a part of the vision of Assimilation, include the open mind sessions which will be a quarterly event where members will have the opportunity have discussions and express views on various topics, have fun and bond over group discussions. 

The Helping Hands initiative would ensure that every member would have had the chance, to be involved in club activities of their choice in some way or the other, 
in their birthday month. 

Friends, I embarked on this journey with a  VISION – to make a difference to the world we live in and to our own lives. This VISION is shared by my Board and each Member has committed to give their best to the portfolio they handle, and to keep Bayview closest to their hearts. 

I am sure that every Bayviewite ….and that includes partners too, will help take this vision forward with the enthusiasm that is typical of our club.. an energy, that is known and can be felt.

Together, we will make OUR dreams come true

Thank you. 


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